Meet Kelly & Tiffany

About CoutureTraders



"Where ever you may go, make sure you go dressed in style and with good intentions" 

Established in 2015, Couture Traders is the epitome of high fashion, with the luxury of affordable pricing. Modeled after the fun, glamorous, and contemporary lifestyles, Couture Traders carries a handbag for the fashion mogul in us all. At Couture Traders, there is no such thing as "last-year" styles; our pre-loved handbags, are revived and take on a new life with their happy new owners. Couture Traders sells only the best, high-fashion brands that embody the styles and sensibilities of our many chic customers. 

Couture Traders is locally owned and operated in the quaint town of Chester, NJ by Kelly and Tiffany. The two started the company from the ground up with the love of designer handbags, and the passion to make them affordable.
Fashion is constantly changing and trends always being recycled, which is why Couture Traders is the perfect place to part with your current style and pick up a new one. The fun part about Couture Traders is that their inventory is timeless. There is no "last-year" bag, just a "pre-loved" bag. 

Meet Kelly & Tiffany:

Tiffany grew up in the small town of Milford, PA, where she had a love of the arts and field hockey.  Her athletic talents sent her to Rutgers University on scholarship where she pursued a degree in art history.   Tiffany spent her summers living and working in Manhattan galleries where her love of art and fashion ignited.  She knew that her passion for arts and fashion would be something her heart would always lead her to pursue.  Following college Tiffany and her husband former NFL player, Ryan Neill, would spend the next five years living and raising a family as a NFL couple.  Together with their 2 children they lived in Buffalo, NY, St Louis, MO, and San Diego, CA.  After settling back home in New Jersey following Ryans NFL career Tiffany decided to plant a branch of a charity called, Basket of Hope.  A charity that bring baskets of toys and goodies to children with serious illnesses in several local children’s hospitals.  Today Tiffany still serves as the director of the NJ branch.