Frequently Asked Questions

Every item that you see on our site or in our store goes through our Couture Traders multi-point and brand specific authentication process. All items are researched and verified by our in-house authentication team. Third party authenticators are also used. Buy, sell and trade with us in CONFIDENCE!
Couture Traders wants to make your Buy-Sell-Trade experience simple and easy. If you are unable to drop the bag off at our store, we recommend reaching out via e-mail to sales@couturetraders.com. Another way to reach Couture Traders is through Facebook. Just send us a message on our social platform that includes images. Please give us 24 hours to respond. Please refer to our "Sell Us" page for all images required.
We want you to get your bag ASAP! However, depending on your shipping address, depends on how long your product will take to get to you. We do ask you to reach out to us with any concerns you may have about a bag you bought. Please email sales@couturetraders.com if you think you should have received your purchase.
Couture Traders is a Buy-Sell-Trade, re-commerce company that makes it easy for you to sell a pre-loved designer handbag. We take the heavy lifting off of your hands by purchasing the bag for immediate money without even placing it on our website or putting it out on our shelves. Once the offer is accepted, you fill out a form, and you are given your money- just like that. We also do not have our clients clean their bags- we do that. However, if you do not like our offer, you are not obligated to sell to us.
All of our inventory have been pre-loved bags from customers. Couture Traders has never purchased a bag without seeing it first. All of our inventory is authenticated before purchasing it through our multi-point, brand specific authentication process.
ANYONE and EVERYONE! Couture Parties are fun for women of all ages!
We occasionally will host a pop-up shop. If you are interested in having Couture Traders at your store please email us at sales@couturetraders.com

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