Host a Couture Party

Host a Couture Traders Pre-Loved Handbag Party

Planning your next girls night in? Host a Couture Traders Party! Not only are the hostess perks great, but you can also earn couture handbags at major discounts or even for free! Your friends will love buying pre-loved designer handbags at great prices, plus it's an easy way for them to trade-in or sell the handbags they don't use anymore! Be the hostess with the mostest and snag the best bag with Couture Traders!


Why should you Book a Party

  • You like earning free couture handbags
  • You have great taste and appreciate the finer things
  • You'd love to shop for couture handbags...but not pay couture prices
  • would your friends and family!
  • You've been meaning to clear out your closet and make room for that fabulous new bag.
  • What's more fun than shopping for designer handbags in the comfort of your own home while having a blast with friends?

     Interested in Hosting a Couture Traders Pre-loved Handbag party? Give us a call or email us. 

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    FAQ about Hosting a Couture Traders Party

    Who Can Host a Party?

    That's simple! Anyone who loves designer handbags and items at a discounted price! We love hosting parties for women that appreciate a good handbag when they see one. And trust us, your guests will really LOVE the prices.

    Can My Guests Sell or Trade a Bag?

    YES! We encourage guests to do this. If the party is close enough for us to pick up the bags before the party date, we ask that the host collects bags 2 weeks in advance so we can authenticate the bag. Guests that do this will have the possibility of receiving cash the day of the party that they can either keep or put toward a new one.

    What If My Guests Can't Get Their Bag to me 2 Weeks Prior to the Party, Can They Still Bring it to Sell or Trade?

    Yes, of course! We love when guests bring bags to sell, however, they will not receive cash on the spot or be able to trade their bag for one at the party the day of because it takes 3 business days for us to authenticate a bag.

    How will my Guests Know the Bag they are Purchasing is Authentic?

    Each Couture Traders purse comes with an authentication card and our host will even be able to show your guest where to find the authentification number that the designer has given the item.